Police Abuse Records Disclaimer

Disclaimer for PACH Website Reports of Police Abuse

We are a group of volunteers who collect data from people who feel they have been victims of abuse by law enforcement in Sonoma County. PACH’s goals include the following:

1) to bring attention to the problem of abuses by law enforcement agencies in Sonoma County.

2) to create a space which allows people to tell their stories in their own words and share their experiences. This gives victims a voice and also allows for transparency of government, which is a 1st Amendment Right.

PACH faithfully publishes reports on the PACH web-site as these have been told to us by individuals. It is not our intention to ever knowingly or maliciously publish reports which are untrue or from unreliable sources. We make no claims as to the veracity of any content published on the PACH web-site. If you feel that any information on our web-site is incorrect, please contact PACH at
info@pachline.org or 707- 542 – 7224

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