Man Alleges He Was Beaten by Sheriff Deputies

Edward Mosher claims that on January 1, 2010, he was beaten by Sonoma County Sheriff Deputies in the process of being arrested, though he was not resisting arrest.

Deputy James Percy (SD968) – Mr. Mosher claimed Deputy Percy stepped on Mr. Mosher’s head
Deputy Spencer Crum (SD821)
Deputy Brandon Cutting (SD1641)
Deputy Anthony King (SD826)
Deputy Perry Sparkman (SD668)
Deputy James Mawro (SD 1467)
Deputy Ruth Cooper (SD1493)
Deputy Lawrence Glen (SD644)
Deputy Troy Bartlett – Mr. Mosher claimed Deputy Bartlett hit Mr. Mosher in mouth with firearm
Deputy Salvatore Borruso (SD404)
Deputy Austin
Officer Baseman, Petaluma Police Dept.

PACH Report No. 20100128


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