Deputy Erick Gelhaus advocated use of “mean gene” and violent execution of plans in SWAT Magazine

Sonoma County Sheriff Deputy Erick Gelhaus, 48, who shot and killed 13 year old Andy Lopez in Santa Rosa on October 22, 2013, is author of a November 2008 SWAT Magazine article titled “Ambush Reaction in the Kill Zone,” (PDF) Gelhaus wrote that in order to stay alive, you must take action and have a necessary “mean gene.”

“If you cannot turn on the “Mean Gene” for yourself, who will?” Gelhaus wrote in a training article to teach law enforcement not to get killed while encountering an ambush.

Gelhaus also wrote in the article:

“If you are alone in the car, make a decision and execute it immediately. If there are others in the car, communicate to all present and then execute the plan with alacrity. Someone once said, “A good plan violently executed now is better than a great plan executed too late.”


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